Friday, January 27, 2012

My To-Do List for Today

 **It's bad poetry day today at StT.  See how I embarrass myself for your entertainment?  You're welcome!**

There are mountains of laundry this morning for me to wash, fold, and put away,
but my tiny girl is smiling at me.  How can I help but stay?

The carpet is in need of vacuuming and floors which must be scrubbed,
but my little one loves her bath, and so we linger in the tub.

The sheets are rumpled and askew, the bed just begging to be made.
But my sweet girl is cooing, I must hear what she has to say.

The trash in the can is overflowing it must be dragged out to the curb today,
but the baby is making faces.  How can I help but play?

There are bills which need paying and all kinds of things I'd planned,
but my tiny one is holding my thumb.  How can I loosen her hand?

There are dishes which need washing and dinner to defrost,
but she right now is yawning and I don't want this moment to be lost.

The bathrooms all need scrubbing.  There is toothpaste every place,
but in my arms she's dozing with a smile upon her face.

I've learned that babyhood is fleeting and then its sweet moments gone.
The house just must stay messy and a million things undone.

There is only one sweet thing which must be done today,
because tomorrow will be to late for me to mother her this way.

So here we sit, curled in this chair, my sweet small girl and me.
We have cuddling to do and lullabies to sing.

We have cooing at each other and grinning on our list.
We've napping, and playing and a slobbery baby kiss.


Maurisa said...


Anonymous said...

She is irresistible, and I only have a picture to base that on. I'm taking your words to heart and letting my chores slide a while longer too.... like 5 or 6 years. -Loretta

VMA said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet blog. God bless you. I am an older dad, but see a mothers heart here.

Love to hear your take on this author who seems to have an interesting view on the universe. The book series (The Nature of Reality) deals with a new cosmology that includes God in the universe but defines “Universe” as the original word means, everything that exists. Does see God as outside of what he created, so not a naturalist nor a pantheist, so quite an interesting take on things.
He or she (they don’t specify) does believe the christian God and Bible, but rejects God being outside of time, and so on as misunderstandings from the Greeks, claims the Judeo-Christian view ought to be the opposite, God inside the dimensions, that they are not created things.
My head hurts thinking about this, but it seems to make sense.
What do you think about Leslie Cross?
Thanks for your blog! God Bless, Fred

LarryD said...

Bad poetry day?
I almost penned a haiku
But in the end, no.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful reminder for those of us with little babies! Thank you. Kristen J

Lena said...

Enjoy your little ones.

The dirty dishes don't go away. I know. I ignored the dishes just as an experiment, and they didn't go away. I ignored the hamper full of dirty clothes, and they didn't go away either.

Packrat said...

Rebecca, you made me cry - again. Love the poem. The children and hubby come first. A lesson to late learned for some of us.