Thursday, November 8, 2012

Freedom to Fail

**I go in some not kid-appropriate directions.  You've been warned.**

I've heard Democrat voting described as wanting "the freedom to fail."  I think that's an interesting turn of phrase "the freedom to fail."  From what I've been able to glean,  it means the freedom to try all kinds of interesting and bold new ideas without having to worry about starving if they don't work out.  We have that already, it's called childhood...or maybe even college.  Once you become an adult, taking responsibility for feeding yourself is part of the package?  Isn't it?

We have a safety net in our society which is meant to keep people from starving to death if they find themselves in rough water.  I don't know anyone who has an issue with it.  The problem I see is that what was meant to be a trampoline has become a comfy hammock.   There are people who are trying to use it to jump back into their lives, but it's too cushy to get any bounce, and the other folks are settling in there and calling for more stuff.  It's not supposed to be a vacation!

People demonized Mitt Romney when he talked about the 47% who receive government handouts.  It was one of the most honest things I ever heard a politician say, and I was disappointed when he backed away from it.  It is human nature to begin taking for granted the people who voluntarily step in to help.  Most people have had the experience of stepping into the gap to "temporarily" help someone else, but when we try to stop "helping" they get frustrated and angry that we quit.  The same thing happens with the government, we have only to look at the riots in Greece to know that this is true.  When you try to wean people, even the able bodied, off of free stuff they get angry.  Could the solution be to just stop offering the free stuff in the first place?

There comes a sense of entitlement with the idea that things should be "fair."  I don't know who the liar is who started the "we need it to be fair" cr*p, but I'd like to smack them.  The idea of "fair" gives other people the impression that they have a right to the things we have worked to earn.  It is not my responsibility to pay for your "Obama-phone", but heaven help me if I try to stop paying for it.  (Can we stop for a moment so that someone can explain to me why a cell phone is a necessity anyway?  If you have no job, why would you need a cell phone?

 One other thing....why am I paying for your birth control?  Something I find morally abhorrent? Can someone make sense of that for me?  I've had discussions with many liberals about it and all I've been told is that I'm interfering with a woman's "right to choose."  How is my not paying for sex aids for someone else depriving them of anything?  (Especially when, as I've been reliably told, they can be obtained for FREE from the health department. )  If a woman is using the Pill in order to be able to have sex which doesn't lead to babies, and is therefore is forcing me to buy her pills any different than forcing me to buy her a vibrator?  They are both about getting off without getting knocked-up....)

It's like taking my kids to the toy store and listening to them squeal with delight at all of the things I could buy them, but it's as if my children brought along the force of the Federal Government to force me to buy all those things whether I want to or not.

Didn't de Tocqueville say something about how the American Republic would last until the Congress discovered that it could bribe the people with other people's money?  We're there.  Half of the country voted on Tuesday to keep living off of the half that doesn't want to be subsidized.  My only question is...What happens when the 50% of earners decide to quit?


LarryD said...

Great post - a "win", not a "fail"!

Michelle L. Momof11 said...

To answer your final question: It won't be pretty!

Michele said...

Thank you Rebecca.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Shawna M. said...

Where the heck did your ignorant dig at people who are on the government cell phone program come from? Did it even, once, occur to you that people are using those phones to GET jobs? Do you know how that program actually works, or did you just decide that it MUST be used by the lazy? I found your cute little comment highly offensive - I'm disabled, and a lot of those government programs help people like me, and if you seriously think I must be living high on the hog, you can think again.

The Petrolias said...

I'm pretty sure none of that rant was aimed at the disabled who actually NEED the help. It was aimed at the able-bodied with their hand out! I know people with those phones who don't need them, they aren't using them for emergencies or medical care, and they aren't using them to get jobs. They are using them to chit-chat with their buddies on the government's dime!

R-N- said...

I just have to wonder why you say "half of the country voted on Tuesday to keep living off..." Do you really think that everyone who voted for Obama is living off entitlements? When you look at the map, most of the states that went for Obama pay the highest in taxes that support the programs you speak about. Whether they are making a wise decision or not can be argued, but what you stated is not accurate.

I am also not pleased with a lot of what has happened over the last 4 years, but I do think you are really making some extremely overbroad statements and stereotypes in this piece.

Shirley said...

Like, like, like... but a quibble:

"Especially when, as I've been reliably told, they can be obtained for FREE from the health department."

The health department IS ALSO the government. I don't want my tax dollars paying for these products/services from there either.

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

Kant. Kant started the things ought to be fair bull*hit

Thanks for your thoughts -this is a great opportunity for us all to ask what next.

judee said...

I cannot fathom anybody voting for someone who believes in partial birth abortion as a "choice". How cruel.

Anonymous said...

Maybe people need cell phones because they don't have landlines.


Rebecca Frech said...

You're right, Lena, they do. Our family has no landline. We also pay for those phones ourselves.

Any cellphone which is charged up will call 911 whether its connected to a service or not.

My beef with it is that they are handed out like candy in poorer neighborhoods. When my son was in school, he brought home flyers on 4 different occasions which stated if my family qualified for reduced lunches (which we did simply because there are a lot of people in my house hold) we could get free phones. I started asking around among the parents, and they would gleefully tell me about how they had given up the plans they were paying for in order to get a free one from the government. Could they afford their own? I would ask. They would tell me that they could, but why should they pay for it if Uncle Sam would?

Such a program does not help people to stand on their own two feet, it creates dependency and poverty. Why should they do it if Uncle Sam will do it for them?

Karie, the Regular Guy's Extraordinary Wife said...

1. People with a sense of responsibility will continue to work (like our husbands) so there will always be "suckers" for the government to bleed dry.

2. There are signs in national parks that say "Do not feed the bears. It will make them dependent on humans for their basic needs." And yet, we can provide programs indefinitely for people and not expect them to get hooked?

We are coming to the end of the Republic. The great experiment is over. The decline is coming. Since we are so strong it will take a while, but it is there. We are no longer the amazing nation we once were.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know I could get a free cell phone. Maybe they need the cell phone to have phone interviews or to find out the the hours the local food pantry is open. I am just trying to think the best of people because that's my personality. I could see how you would be aggravated though.

If 50 percent of the earners quit, then I would have a better chance of obtaining regular full-time job with benefits. Right now I'm temping, and it kind of sucks, but it's a lot better than the long stretches of unemployment I had.

Oh I had government paid computer classes, so I was able to upgrade my software skills. Then I was able to pass competency tests at temp agencies and eventually was able to get some job placements. So that was a good program. However, there were long stretches of discouragement between those steps. Hopefully my current temp job is a stepping stone to a better job. So that's how the government helped me. Plus the computer classes were only a few days each, so there was a limit.

Have a good day.


Rebecca Frech said...

I would like to think the best, too, but I talked to too many of the mothers of my son's classmates who actually laughed at me because my husband works when we "didn't need to."

The computer classes are a great thing! As I said, government help should be a trampoline not a hammock.

I'm praying for you every day to find a job. God bless you, Lena.

Anonymous said...


What about feeling productive? There was a point where I had to do volunteer work because I needed a place to go and something to do and humans to talk to plus I needed the assurance that I was still capable of doing work.


DarcsFalcon said...

Well said! Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for standing up for what is right. It certainly isn't easy or popular now. We have decided to continue to press on and do everything we can to pull this country back to God. We take heart that there are many more doing the same.