Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here it is Jan 4th I mean 3rd (I've lost track of the new year already) and I'm still working on resolutions.  I love to make resolutions.  In fact, I make them several times a year, I like them so much.  There's a hopeful optimism in resolving that from now on I'm going to be a better me, that I'm going to strive to be one step closer to the person I want to be.  Some are shallow, some are less shallow, but they're all a true picture of where I am today.

Which brings me to:

The January 2012 2013 List of Soon to Be Amended Resolutions

  1. Remember that it is in fact 2013 and stop writing 2012 everywhere.
  2. Confession once a month, need it or no.  (Who am I kidding?  I definitely need it.)
  3. Stop writing an "e" in the wrong place in governemnt.  I do it every single time.
  4. Turn off my electronics between breakfast and the the time school is over, which means
  5. Getting my blog posts done in the morning or at night
  6. Pray more with my friends.  I've done 2 novenas in the last few months over the phone with friends.  It's been an amazing experience.  I need to pray with them more often.  It just makes me happy.
  7. Read classic literature real books.  (Who am I kidding?  I don't have the brain cells for Last of the Mohicans.  Have you read it?  It's hard.)
  8. Eat one meal a day that is raw, organic, and vegan.  (I need the veggies)
  9. Stop worrying about being skinny and get my body strong.  I've been there before, and miss the feeling.
  10. Start filtering our water, because the crud in the tap water is not good for me or anyone else in the house
  11. After looking at myself in my sweat pants and baggy t-shirt at bedtime last night, I'm going pajama shopping.  My husband would like to have a wife who looks less old maid and a bit more French maid.
  12. Homemade meals for every meal except for 1 each week.  It's pretty convenient to do frozen pizza, but with a little planning dinner can be in the crockpot and a lot healthier for us.
  13. I'm going one month of no ponytails except for exercise.  It's my lazy go-to easy 'do, and I've gotten stuck in the rut of it. I'm not liking being the frumpy mom.  I like the way I feel when it's fixed and pretty.  Hair is a big deal in Texas.  30 days of no pony tails starts tomorrow.  Who's with me?

There you go.  My beginning list for 2012  (darn it) 2013.

I'll have a No ponytails for 30 days button you can grab tomorrow if you want to join me.C'mon, what's stopping you?


Rebecca Frech said...

14. Do better about 3 1/2 Time Out Tuesdays

LarryD said...

I'll join you in the no ponytails thing - for all 365 days. That's how I roll.

Rebecca Frech said...

You're a great friend. Thanks for the support.

LarryD said...

It truly is the least I can do.

Considerer said...

I'm with you on last of the mohicans! I think I got to halfway through the first chapter and put it down. I need an abridged version.

Sew said...

What about a pony tail with a poof in the back...Looks clean and done, but still to of the way?

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

We love our Britta Filtered Pitcher. The Rainsoft system in our last house... not so much.

Packrat said...

I second using Britta filters. There are (or at least used to be) several different pitcher styles. Try making your own pizza. Messy, but the kids would have fun helping. As to no ponytail, sorry. The static electricity here gets really bad, so sometimes I have to pull my hair back. (Oh, yes, and hair must be pulled back when cooking. Rule left over from childhood.) Have you thought about cooking a couple of times a month and then freezing the dinners? (Excellent learning ops - math, following directions, science, chemistry, health.)

Lena said...

Where did my comment go?

I said some of the same things you said and other commenters said, but I don't feel like retyping.

Maurisa said...

Once you get past the first couple chapters, The Last of the Mohicans is awesome. Now, Les Miserables, that one I can't seem to get through.

I'll join you on the ponytail deal.

"My husband would like to have a wife who looks less old maid and more French maid" made me chuckle.

Stephanie said...

I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to pony tails. I've actually been thinking that I have an inordinate attachment to my makeup, and perhaps I should give it up for Lent. However, I fear that would be a terrible disservice to everyone who has to look at me. Maybe I'll make a "no makeup" button. I don't think that will be very popular though...