Friday, March 7, 2014

Ask Me Anything - Easy Blogging

As I'm lying here curled up in the fetal position trying not to think about how much I want to throw up or the fact that the term "morning sickness" is a cruel joke, I'm struggling to find a blog post topic that doesn't begin and end with "throwing up is no fun," and "I've done this way too many times."

It isn't, and I have.

Since the creative part of my brain has decided to go on vacation, this is your chance to ask me anything that you want to know. (I can't guarantee that I have answers for you, but I promise to try.) I know that I'm curious about the lives of the bloggers I love, and would love the chance to ask them those things.'s your chance. Ask me anything.

I'll try to answer.


LarryD said...

If you could be any superhero, which one and why?

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

I read and loved your book. I was wondering if there was ONE huge, super important thing that makes your household run? Like, if you don't do this one thing, then everything glass apart, and the day is terrible. And I am so sorry about the "morning" sickness.

Karie, the Regular Guy's Extraordinary Wife said...

What she said. And I think she meant "falls" not "glass". Pretty sure.

Abigail said...

What is your vision of a perfect dinner party?

Also, what have you learned from being a Cross-fit trainer, vs. Cross-fit member?

Anonymous said...

In your opinion, what's the most effective method for disciplining two-yr-olds? Time-out? Spankings? Taking away treats?

Anonymous said...

I want to encourage you to go back and read your blog from Oct 21, 2011. May your time pass quickly until the peace arrives!

Rebecca Frech said...

Dear Anonymous at 3:19,
You are scary familiar with my blog. I kinda like it.

It's not the pregnancy thing I've done to many times, it's the morning sickness thing. Altogether, I've spent over three years of my life throwing up. We're not talking a tad bit queasy here. It's normal for me to throw up ten or more times a day until week 14ish. 30+ times a day is not abnormal for me. I'm tired of throwing up. It's that simple.

Babies are a blessing. The puking is one part that I could happily do without.

Maureen said...

My first pregnancy I puked all the way through August for an Oct. 1 baby. The next two were a piece of cake.... only puking for 3-4 months. Hope it gets better soon.

How is #4 doing? I pray for her every day, and you too.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I grew up as an Evangelical Christian in the South during the 80's/90's when the purity movement was getting started.I get that sex before marriage is a bad idea.Now I am new convert to Catholicism, with 3 children, living in Europe. I just realised that I may have picked up some lies.Would you recommend some reading material that is suitable for a busy mum. Thanks!

Casey said...

Best and worst places you've ever traveled to, and why.

MargoB said...

Hi Rebecca,

It didn't seem right to post this at your "baring my soul" post, but I wanted to pass this along.

First, I wanted to thank you, though, for the courageous honesty you showed in posting about how you felt when you found out you were pregnant with your newest child. I've never been in your shoes, but I can see what you mean about a deeper choosing to be pro-life. Real Christians don't go around in total agreement with the Lord, and although I struggle with being real with other people, I want to be -- and have deep admiration for you and your choice to tell us honestly your reaction to finding out you were pregnant. Thank you for being so real, even with strangers like me. You help me see that it's silly to fear being rejected for not being perfect; that it's actually ok to say "This isn't the ideal response, I suppose, but this is exactly where I'm at with this!"

Second, that bit I wanted to pass along. I don't know if you follow -- or have ever heard of -- Heather ?'s 'blog, "Mama Knows, Honeychild," but she is also very down-to-earth, like you; and I think her blog is pretty funny. She draws very amusing scenes with only stick figures :) Anyhow, she did a post for first-trimester moms that you might enjoy, so here's the link to it:

Will pray for you. God keeps you in His mind and heart; He has a plan for good for you, even in your distress.