Monday, March 10, 2014

You asked, I answered

On Friday, I gave you the chance to ask me anything you'd like to know, and I just hoped that you'd ask things for which I might actually have an answer. (And you did! Hooray!!!!)

Here's the questions you asked and my answers:

1. If you could be any superhero, which one and why? 

American Maid from The Tick seemed like the obvious choice here - she cleans, she's patriotic, she hits people with shoes

but I think I'm going to have to go with the less obvious, but infinitely more bad a**, choice of


That's right...Squirrel Girl - the super heroine whose special power is being able to control the entire squirrel population. Do you have any idea how many minions would be in my squirrel army or the kind of damage that those teeth could do?

Boom! Weren't expecting that kind of coolness were you, LarryD?

2. I was wondering if there was ONE huge, super important thing that makes your household run? Like, if you don't do this one thing, then everything glass apart, and the day is terrible.

Yes, it's called a set bedtime. My kids have to be in bed by 8:30 every night. (Big ones can stay up until 9:00.) I don't care if they sleep, but they have to go to their beds and stay there.

My days are long and filled with chaos. I need to be able to clock out at the end of it, and my kids need a good night's sleep. A set and early bedtime means that I don't kill them or sell them. We're all happier when they're well rested and I've been able to have time to myself.

From the time they get up until 8:30pm, I'm "Mom." After 8:30, I get to be Rebecca again.

3. What is your vision of a perfect dinner party?


I'm not a fan of formal dinner parties with courses and seating charts. I like the kind where everyone hangs out in the kitchen. The warmer and friendlier it is, the more I like it.

4. What have you learned from being a Cross-fit trainer, vs. Cross-fit member? 

Everyone needs positive reinforcement. We are all quick to praise the new people who are trying hard to learn new skills and get in shape, but the guy who's been there for years, lifts heavy, and run fast...that guy needs to hear "good job!" just as much as the new people do.

More to come this afternoon!

If you'd like to ask a question, please do. This wasn't a one time thing.


LarryD said...

Squirrel girl, huh? Always figured you were a little nuts...

Maurisa said...

Amen on the set bedtime! Not only does it contribute to a well run household, it keeps me sane!

Anonymous said...

Is there a typical day for your family? can you tells us about it?